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SPECTRA Nominees

2018 SPECTRA Award

2018 Male SPECTRA Winner - Ethan Martin (London South Collegiate Institute) 2018 Female SPECTRA Winner - Jessica Forcey (Mother Teresa Catholic Secondary School)

Each graduating year two exceptional student athletes from the London and Middlesex area are recognized with the Spectra Award.

Each $1000 bursary is given by CTV in memory of an outstanding individual named Alex Kelman.

Alex was a long-time London TV sportscaster a founding member of the Sports Celebrity Dinner and a strong supporter of student participation.

Alex passed away Dec. 31, 1982. Spectra stands for Sportsmanship, Participation, Excellence, Character, Teamwork, Respect and Achievement.

These are qualities considered in selecting the award winners - all qualities for which Alex Kelman is remembered.

The 2018 Nominees were:

Click on the school link to learn more about each school’s nominee.


Male Nominee

Female Nominee


William Stewart

Adele St John


Anthony Cimino

Guen O’Hara


Owen Kelly

Rachel Almaw

Clarke Road

Jackson Whalls

Kyla Manske


Robbie Black

Meghan Harvie

H.B. Beal

Freedom Maloney

Hailey Teixeira

Holy Cross

Tyler Thuss

Naomi Rosedale

John Paul II

Cody Brock

Amber Price

Lord Dorchester

Alex Liem

Lauren Gellner


Matt McNeill

Lucy Gardner


Keaghan Jenney

Melanie Clayton


Tyler Bottom

Allie Granger

Mother Theresa

Aaron Tennant

Jessica Forcey

North Middlesex

Kurtis Twynstra

McKenna Robinson


Anthony Berg

Natalie Lyons

Regina Mundi

Ashton Patrick

Joy Simpson

Saint Andre Bessette

Bruce Maas

Maggie Jacques


Erik Tyler

Zeinab Zammar


Tanner Brown

Mikenna Vanderheyden

Sir Wilfrid Laurier

Joshua Rowland

Claire Banks


Ethan Martin

Zoe Burke


Tyler Tisdelle

Kaitlyn Manicom